Everything Comes So Easy for Some Guys
Here's Their Secret

Let me tell you about two guys I know, Michael and Stephen.


On the surface, their lives look very similar. They both have successful careers. They both have beautiful wives and a couple of children. They both post pictures of their fun-filled vacations on social media.


From the outside looking in, you’d think both of their lives were amazing. But if you dug a little deeper, you’d find nothing could be further from the truth.

The High Cost of Success

Michael wakes up every morning and rushes out the door to his high-stress career. He works 70-hour weeks and feels as if his life is passing him by. His kids are in good schools, but he hardly ever sees them. His wife is happy to spend his money, but they spend almost none of their time together.


He’s worked hard to get all the things in life that are supposed to make a man happy… and he’s miserable.


Michael has status among his peers. He has all the fancy toys a grown man could ask for. He has the big house, the white picket fence, and the trophy wife. But he doesn’t have fulfillment.


He works harder than he wants to and sacrifices more than he can afford to. He knows it could all fall apart at any moment and that thought keeps him awake at night, stressed out and terrified.


He’s the epitome of “Money can’t buy you happiness.”

What Life is Like on Easy Street

Stephen’s life is the complete opposite.


He wakes up every refreshed every morning and spends time with his wife and kids. He plans out his day and gets as much done in a week as most guys do in an entire month. He hits the gym every day and always has time to prepare healthy meals for himself and his family.


He and his wife have their disagreements, but they love each other. They work together to make their marriage last. Healthy communication, clear expectations, and fantastic sex are the foundations of their relationship.


Stephan not only has status; he has the respect and admiration of his peers. He’s seen as a leader at home, at work, and in almost every other area of his life.


Where Michael struggles to keep up appearances, Stephen excels, almost without effort. What takes Michael all his energy to accomplish, Stephen makes happen without breaking a sweat.


We all know at least one “Michael” and one “Stephen” in our own lives. Many of us might even identify with one or the other. What most of us don’t know is why the two get such vastly different results.


Why are things so hard for the “Michaels” of the world? Why are things so easy for the “Stephens”?


The answer might surprise you.

Have You Been Programmed for Failure?

Most of us have been tricked into believing things that keep us from living the life of a complete man.


We have our creativity drilled out of us in the schools. We have our goals set for us by our loved ones. We seek fulfillment in things sold to us in well-crafted marketing campaigns. We submit to the rat race. We climb the corporate ladder. We make sacrifices in some areas of our life to succeed in others.


This is what we’re trained to do.


We follow the paths laid out for us by other people. We play the roles they tell us will bring happiness. We put on a smile and take on the world. But in the end, most of us are left feeling incomplete.

The schools. The media. The giant corporations… They all benefit from this way of life. The order; maintained. The lives of countless men; ground up and fed to the machine to keep it going. This is what happened to Michael, and millions of other men just like him.


But it doesn’t have to happen to you.

How to Pick Your Own Programing

purdeep w287

My name is Purdeep Sangha.


My life used to be a lot like Michael’s.


I was on my way to being the CEO of a major company before I walked into my boss’s office and told them I was quitting.


I was a high paid executive. I had a wife and two kids to take care of. I was on the fast track to meeting my career goals. But I wasn’t happy. My spirit wasn’t fulfilled.

I left that job to start my own business as a consultant for men. I felt a calling to help other guys out there live a more complete life. For the last decade of my own life, I’d been helping businesses create healthier relationships with their customers. Now, I wanted to help guys create healthier relationships with themselves.


I wanted to help people like Michael, and show them the path to a life more like Stephen’s. And for most of the guys I work with, it’s as easy as seeing things in a different light and changing the way they do one or two simple things.

The Most Impactful Mindset Shifts

Sometimes, changing the way you think about things can have a huge impact on the results you get in life.


Take a similar morning for Michael and Stephen. Watch how their mindsets affect their morning and set them up to have completely different kinds of days.


6 A.M.


Michael wakes up, stumbles out of bed, and stubs his toe on the way to the restroom.


“Stupid chair,” he curses out loud. “What made Tina think it was a good idea to put this thing in the bedroom?”


Stephen wakes up, stretches, and gets out of bed. He also stubs his toe on the way to the restroom.


“Ouch. I forgot we put that chair there.”


He pauses.


“I guess I should be thankful I still have all my toes… and money for new furniture. I’ll have to remember that chair’s there in the future.”


8 A.M.


On the way to work, both men get stuck behind the same train. It looks like they’ll both be a couple of minutes late. Michael loses his cool.


“Stupid freakin’ train. This is the third time you’ve made me late this quarter. Why do you always have to be crossing on the days I’m already running behind?”


Stephen looks over to the corner while he’s waiting. He spots a homeless man, begging for change. Stephen realizes how lucky he is to have his job, even if he might not make it in on time today. He takes some time to count his blessings and offers the man a few dollars from his pocket.


8:15 A.M.


When they get to work, both Michael and Stephen already have people there waiting for them to arrive.


Stephen greets his clients with a smile, apologizes for being late, and gets right to helping them.


Michael puts on a fake smile, grumbles under his breath, and does his best to not let his clients know how much he resents them.


Stephen is set to have a great day, in spite of his rocky start.


Michael isn’t.


See the difference?


Same morning. Same circumstances. Different mindsets. At the end of the day, because of the way each man thinks, they will have drastically different outcomes.


Your thoughts inform your actions. Your actions determine your outcomes. Changing the way you see things can change everything.


Let’s look at a couple of other differences between the way Michael thinks and the way Stephen thinks.



And the list goes on.


These are some of the more common mindset differences I’ve seen when working with my clients. 


The guys who think like Stephen tend to hit the ground running and surpass all expectations. The guys who think like Michael tend to need help with one or two mental roadblocks. Then they start seeing massive changes for the better in their lives as well.

How to Treat Yourself

Imagine you were put in charge of taking care of YOU.


It’s a crazy thought, I know. But I mean it. Really think about it.


What if you weren’t you, but you were the person put in charge of taking care of you.


Would you let yourself spend as much time playing on the phone?


Would you push yourself to put in more time at the gym?


Would you let yourself eat all that junk food?


What if you treated yourself like you were your best friend; like you were someone you really cared about; like you were someone you were responsible for?


What if you heard your best friend saying out loud, all the negative self-talk stuff that you say to yourself?


Would you let them run themselves down like that? Or would you step in and set them straight?


Here’s the kicker… You were put in charge of taking care of you.


We all were. But so many of us do a bad job of it.


We expect someone else to come in and push us to be our best. We seek for others to give us our self-worth. We want other people to treat us better than we treat ourselves. But that’ll never happen.


The first step to getting everything you want in life is to start treating yourself like you are in charge of taking care of you.

Sex, Power, and Respect

In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women.” – Tony Montana, Scarface


Boy, did he ever get it wrong?!


I see guys follow this example all the time, and fail miserably because of it.


They think money will bring them all the other things they want in life. They think if they get enough money, getting respect will be easy. They think if they make enough money, getting enough sex will come easy.


Here’s the weird part…


When a guy’s getting enough sex, that’s when making money comes easy.


When a guy comes into his own power, money starts flowing to him, almost effortlessly.


Think about it.


When you’re satisfied in the bedroom, you have more pep in your step; more drive in every other area of your life.


But when you’re frustrated with your partner, that throws a wrench in your mojo, having a ripple effect in all other areas of your life.


When you feel confident in yourself, others can sense it and they end up having more confidence in you. They give you more responsibilities. They trust you with more resources. They pay you more to keep you around.


Tony Montana had it backwards.


Money doesn’t bring more power and better sex.


A better sex life and coming into your own power are what bring you more money.


So many guys go about this equation in the exact opposite way of getting the results they desire.


It’s another simple mindset shift that can change the whole world around once you see why everyone else is doing it wrong.

The Best Business Investment You’ll Ever Make

In some of the more esoteric studies, they have a saying: As Above, So Below.


It’s meant to express that the macro will always mirror the micro. On Earth, as it shall be in Heaven. Your outer world can only reflect your inner world.


As guys, we tend to have no problem investing in our businesses. We have no problem investing in our homes. We have no problem investing in our retirements. But ask us to take some of that money and invest in it ourselves? Yeah, that’s when you’re going to run into some resistance. Especially if that investment means admitting we need help from a coach or a consultant.


It’s almost a cliché.


The wife wants to see a counselor. The husband doesn’t think they need it.


A friend recommends a therapist. The guy ignores his friend’s suggestion.


We’ll happily drop 10K into a new piece of equipment for the office. But ask us to put that same money into training with a personal development expert… Good luck with that.


The problem is, we can only reap the rewards of the outside world if we’ve done the work on the inside world. 

We can invest in developing our business all we want. But if we haven’t taken the time to invest in developing ourselves, the investments in our business can only have limited returns.


I’ve seen guys waste all their time, money, and energy trying to get their business to grow. All the while ignoring their own stunted personal growth.


I’ve seen some of those same guys take a fraction of that time, money, and energy, and put it into working out their own head junk – I’ve watched them unlock one or two mental barriers they didn’t even know they were dealing with – and the flood gates fly open for them.


Suddenly, every business investment they’ve made starts paying off. Every effort gains more leverage. They start living life like Stephen.


Again, it’s a simple mindset shift that can change the direction of your life. And when you start stacking these changes, they start to have a compound effect. Each shift has that much more impact because of the previous ones.


Before you know it, your entire life will change for the better.

My FREE Gift to You


I’ve spent the better part of my adult life helping guys just like you get the life they want to live.


I work with some of the most successful men in the world, helping them find fulfillment in all areas of their lives.


I also do pro bono work with a few select guys who can’t afford my rates, but only if I see the right qualities in them. After a few months of working together, my fees tend to no longer be a problem for them.


The things you’ve read above are some of the most common roadblocks we have to overcome. But every guy is different, and this is really just the tip of the iceberg.


Some guys need help making better decisions. Some guys need help setting better kinds of goals and paving a clear path to accomplish them. Some guys need help being more present and living in the moment.


I’ve dedicated my life to the study of success, and not just in the business world.


In fact, many of the top performers I’ve met in the business world were completely miserable in all the other areas of their lives. 

Even though they’d made it to the top of their professional lives, their foundation was crumbling, threatening to take it all away at any moment.


If any of this hits home with you, I want to help.


I’ve taken the best aspects of my one-on-one coaching and made them available for you in an easy to read, easy to implement guide.


I want you to live the life of a Complete Man. That’s why I wrote my book, The Complete Man. That’s why I want to give you a physical copy of this book, Free of Charge.


You’ll discover ways to instantly get more out of every action you take. You’ll find out about all the different ways society has tricked you into working against yourself. More importantly, you’ll get the answers on what to do instead.


If you’re a father raising children, these are the lessons you’ll want to pass on to your kids. It’ll be one of the best gifts you can give them. And I want to give this gift to you. All I ask is that you help me cover the cost of shipping.


I poured my heart in soul into this book. I’ve been blessed in so many ways that I couldn’t help but turn around and pass some of these blessings on to others. Giving you this book is one way for me to balance the scales for all that I’ve been given in this life.


I only ask that you pay for the shipping as a way to weed out those who still aren’t willing to make the smallest of investments in themselves. You can’t help those who won’t help themselves, as the old saying goes.


But you wouldn’t still be reading if you weren’t at least willing to invest some time in making your own life better. I’m willing to bet you’re the kind of guy who will take the next step and get your free copy of my book today.


Just fill out the form on the next page, help me cover the cost of shipping, and I’ll send your free copy, right to your mailbox.

What Would a More Complete Life Look Like for You?

How would happiness in your home life affect your professional life?


What would your life look like if everything wasn’t such a struggle?


What if you didn’t have to make sacrifices in one area to make strides in another?


What would it be like if everything worked in harmony?


That’s the only true way to be successful.


When you find the tools that bring flow to one area of your life, those same tools will impact the other areas of your life as well. When you apply them consistently, you’ll live more completely.

You'll be the complete man.


How to Get Everything You Deserve from Life

Maybe you’ve been told that it’s selfish to want it all.


They say, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” But is that the truth of it?


I’ve come to find that you can’t receive more than you believe you deserve. And most guys don’t think they deserve happiness in every aspect of their lives. The guys that do; they’re the Stephens. They’re the ones to whom everything comes easy.


Success becomes a part of their identity, and that identity can’t be confined to only one or two parts of their lives.


It’s who they are. It reaches into every bit of their being.


It’s not about working hard for what you want. It’s about doing the work needed to become the type of man that deserves what you want. Everything else flows from there. Any other approach is destined to fail.


If you don’t believe you deserve the best, you’ll find a way to sabotage it, no matter how much you want it.


Once you know you deserve fulfillment in life, there’s not a force in the universe that can separate it from you.


It starts by making tiny shifts in your thinking and way of being. Everything else springs forth from that.

Limited Time Bonus Materials

Once you get your copy of The Complete Man, you’ll see how all-encompassing the subject matter is.


We cover almost every aspect of a man’s life and how you can get the most out of every action you take.


Even so, there were a few topics I wanted to go deeper on, but for editing and formatting reasons, they ended up being cut from the final version of the book. There’s also some additional material and even a mini-course that I wanted to include as a free bonus for ordering your copy of The Complete Man.

Making Your Dreams a Reality Mini-Course

Most guys dream way too small.


They do this for a lot of reasons. Sometimes it’s because they’ve been told that dreaming big is selfish or unrealistic. Sometimes it’s because they’ve failed in the past when dreaming too big, and they never want to relive that kind of disappointment again. Sometimes it’s just because they don’t know their own potential.


Either way, the biggest limitations I see most guys struggle with… are almost always self-imposed.


I’ve got a four-step method for crafting dreams that you can reach and are worthy of your true greatness.


No more falling short and licking your wounds.


No more living below your actual potential.


Let me show you exactly what to do to craft the life you never dreamed you could achieve; from envisioning it, to planning it out, to making it a reality.

Two Bonus Chapters

I would have loved to include these two chapters in the final edit of the book. But it felt better to include them as bonus materials than to shoehorn them into the book. So that’s what we did.

The first bonus chapter covers spirituality.

Not from a cheesy-guru point of view, but from a scientific and neurological point of view.


Believe it or not, science seems to be catching up to spirituality. Since neuroscience is one of my areas of expertise, it only made sense to include a chapter on it in the book. But, like I said, after writing the chapter, it felt more appropriate to have it as a bonus chapter instead.

The second bonus chapter is on the topic of fulfillment.

This is the problem I most often confront when working with my clients; a lack of fulfillment.


They did all the things they were told would make them happy. They followed the path society told them to follow. They climbed the ladder of success, only to find it was leaning up against the wrong wall.


If the most powerful lessons from the entire book were all boiled down into one chapter, this would be it. In fact, this chapter was potent and on point, I couldn’t include it in the book.


I didn’t want people reading it until they had the foundational knowledge of what was in the book. But it didn’t feel right to have this chapter placed at the end as a “re-cap” of everything you’d just read. So, I took it out and made it a bonus chapter, available only if you order the book from this page.

Three Bonus Training Modules

1. Communication and Influence

Discover timeless secrets of captivating while communicating. Have people hanging on your every word, giving your their full attention, and taking action on your every suggestion.


Some guys walk into a room and instantly command the attention of everyone in it. If you want to be one of them, you need to check out what’s in this bonus training.

2. Mastering Your Own Feelings

This is where most guys go wrong.


We think that mastering our feelings means bottling them up and ignoring them. That often leads to disastrous outcomes. Sometimes they boil over and we explode. Sometimes they eat us alive, from the inside out.


Instead, I’ll show you how to master your feelings and emotions. You’ll discover how to use your feelings to drive you, and how to influence your own emotional state at will.


To master the outside world, you must first master your own inner turmoil. This is how you do it.

3. Making Better Decisions for Better Outcomes

The most successful guys don’t just “luck” their way into their position in life. They make purposeful and calculated decisions to get there. Let me give you this cheat sheet on how to make the best decisions for your life and business.


In it, you’ll discover what to do before making any important decision in life. You’ll also get a method for putting yourself in the proper state of mind for decision making. Lastly, I’ll show you a few simple lifestyle changes, proven to help you make better decisions for yourself.


Your life is the end result of the choices you have made. To live the best life, learn how to make the best choices.

Get It All, NOW

You deserve it all.

In my heart, I know that you were put on this earth to experience a life of fulfillment and abundance.

You weren’t put here to struggle. You weren’t put here to fail.

I work with some of the most successful guys in the world. I surround myself with guys like Stephen. If you’re not getting the same results they are, it’s not because they’re different than you. In fact, a lot of them started exactly where you are right now.

The only thing that makes them different is the way they think, and a few subtle actions they take, that you haven’t been taught about.

That’s not your fault.

We both know society sets some unrealistic standards for men to live up to. A lot of our programming is self-destructive from birth. We’re told to chase the wrong things and to be happy when catching them ends up being a disappointment.

We’re taught to chase our tails in circles and pride ourselves on the wasted effort… But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can’t help what you’ve been told, up to this point in your life. You had no control over it.

You do have power over what comes next.

Do you want the tools that make living a complete life possible? Are you willing to address some of your inner head junk in order to get better results in the outside world? Are you willing to make an investment in yourself that will impact every aspect of your life?

If so, you’re the kind of guy that I want to spend my time and energy helping.

Let me send you your free copy of my brand-new book, The Complete Man.

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You can have it all. 

You can have more purpose. You can have success in every area of your life. And the best part is, once it all starts coming together, the easier it all gets. Fulfillment in one area makes fulfillment in all other areas more possible… if your identity is in alignment with it.

Let me help you get started down your journey to being a more complete man. Click the button below, fill out the form on the next page, and let me send you your free copy of my new book today.

“The Complete Man provides a new and inspiring perspective on men’s success, along with real practical tools for making success happen fast. Every man should have a copy for himself and every woman should get a copy for the man in her life” Loral Langemeier, The Millionaire-Maker & Star of the Movie The Secret

“The Complete Man provides a new and inspiring perspective on men’s success, along with real practical tools for making success happen fast. Every man should have a copy for himself and every woman should get a copy for the man in her life”

Loral Langemeier, The Millionaire-Maker & Star of the Movie The Secret

- - - - - The End - - - - -

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These Are the Beliefs That Hold Most Men Back In Life

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